Today Naturalist Rachel and I, along with Captain Mike, set out of Friday Harbor with a great report of resident orcas near Saturna Island, Canada. The residents eat only salmon and their movements are completely dictated by the movements of the salmon. As we left the harbor the sky was gray, but that did not dampen the spirits of the group aboard. On our way to the orcas we stumbled upon a large group of harbor porpoises. They are usually very shy at the surface, but we actually saw a fair amount of surface activity. As we came upon J and L pods a huge bank of fog rolled in and allowed our guests to take some of the most stunning photos I have ever seen. Sometimes it seems as though the most in opportune weather conditons produce the best trips! The orcas were porpoising and breaching and just generally putting on a great show. We also saw many bald eagles. Through the fog, it was a great day on the water!

Naturalist, Sarah “Birthday-girl” McCullagh, M/V Sea Lion

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