The trip began with beautiful sunshine as we headed north out of the San Juan Islands. Passing the west side of Orcas Island, we saw Harbor Seals in their familiar yoga pose; a U-shape to keep their head and hind-flippers out of the cold Salish Sea! We spotted a gull picking a fight with a golden eagle, not sure who won that battle. As we wound through Plumper Sound, we had a chance to see the topography and geologic marvels that are the Southern Gulf Islands. We cruised through the Strait of Georgia towards Point Roberts with a view of Vancouver in the background. At 48°57.35’N and 123°05.66’W we found four members of J-pod. Two males and two females were noted, spread apart as they swam in a consistent direction to the southeast. It is amazing how everyone onboard falls silent to hear these massive mammals breathe as they reach the surface. After observing these endangered residents for a period of time, we started our return travels south to sunshine! It was a great day on the water and we are excited to head out again tomorrow.

SJS Naturalist Jenny