[06/02/2017 – M/V Sea Lion – 2:00pm & 6:00pm]


I feel like a broken record on these blogs lately.


“It was such a good day!”

“The whales were so beautiful!”

“There was wildlife everywhere!”

“Our guests ask amazing questions!”


Really though, this girl couldn’t have asked for a better start to the 2017 whale watch season here in the San Juans. Yesterday bolstered those sentiments even further.


We had two trips yesterday that took us far North into the Strait of Georgia and Canadian Gulf Islands. One of my favorite things about the M/V Sea Lion is that it combines great range throughout the islands, while maintaining a very comfortable ride for our passengers. On both of our trips we had a bit of distance to cover!


On our first trip we ventured to Alden Bank, northeast of Patos and Sucia Islands, to catch up with one of my very favorite families of whales (Gosh, I say that a lot too!) the T065As! This beautiful family of five, marine-mammal-eating killer whales, was very relaxed and spread out in the afternoon. The orcas were traveling in a very restful pattern. We had amazing and respectful looks, orchestrated by Captain Mike, at the massive black and white animals as they surfaced.


On our evening trip the clouds that had been hanging over the mountains lifted and we were treated to amazing mountain views as we again cruised north to try to track down the T065As. The water was glassy, without a breath of wind in the air. Captain Mike steered the M/V Sea Lion into the Strait of Georgia towards Point Roberts. The whales were a bit more active on our second encounter. They were swimming in a larger group rolling around and playing as they travelled. On the way back towards Friday Harbor we travelled through the Canadian Gulf Islands marveling at the late evening light on the magnificent cliffs.


Sarah, Lead Naturalist and Vessel Coordinator, M/V Sea Lion, San Juan Safaris


Please enjoy some photos from the day!