Great whale watching out in Haro Strait today! Whales were spread out between Stewart Island and Lime Kiln State Park. We caught up with our first pair, mama and calf, just off Henry Island, near Kellet Bluff (48°34.60N, 123°12.03W). They were moving extremely fast, almost to be confused with porpoise, looking as if they were trying to catch up with the rest of the pack on the western side of San Juan.

After traveling with them for a bit, another female appeared out of nowhere. Captain cut the engine and we just sat there in complete silence, listening to their majestic blows, taken back by their serenity.

Once they passed, we moved on and caught up with a larger male, Onyx (L87) and man did he put on a show! He started off swimming on his side, pectoral fin raised high in the air, and then did a full body cartwheel, leading into his grand finale a double breach!

Another amazing day.

Naturalist Tara, San Juan Safaris