Did you know that you can help Orcas (Killer Whales) no matter where you live!? No matter if you live in Nebraska, Nigeria, or New York City, there is no where that you can’t help ensure that orcas live to their fullest and survive for future generations to meet and experience! Here’s how you do it.


And it’s pretty easy.


Reduce Your Pollution!


This is pretty basic and it helps you too! No one likes living in a trashy place. The fact is eventually all water makes it to the ocean! So every piece of garbage or drop of toxic chemical that are in streams, lakes, or on land (moves to streams when it rains) has the potential to make it to the ocean where any thing can confuse it for food and once its in the food chain it keeps moving on up and eventually makes into us as well if we eat anything that comes from the sea! Especially watch out for microplastics! They recently banned them in products in the US, but there are still some floating out there so watch out!


Don’t forget the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!


Here’s a nifty website where you can calculate your personal one or one for your whole fam




Everyday we produce Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases even if we do nothing. Breathing produce Carbon Dioxide and farting produces methane (ew gross). But since humans in general are producing more greenhouse gases than can be absorbed by plants or other organisms these gases are contributing to global climate change. Orcas are pretty adaptable, but most of them seem to prefer cooler waters and a lot of their prey species (food) inhabit cold waters as well so as the planet and waters warm this could definitely stress orca populations and their food.

That website above gives some helpful tips on reducing your footprint. Luckily a lot of things that reduce your carbon footprint are trending now like locally sourced food!


Become A Wildlife Advocate!


No, this doesn’t require a test, and no you don’t get a fancy certificate (but you should!) Remember these cool animals and others in your day to day life, and vote for actions and leaders that protect their habitats and place regulations surrounding pollution. Being an engaged citizen is a good idea anyway whether or not the environment is your main cause.


Whale Folks until next time thanks for thinking of these not so little guys and this one thanks you too.


Southern Resident Orca Sunset