San Juan Whale Watching Reservations

Whale Watch and Wildlife Tour Adult price $99 / Child $69 / under 2 ride for free / plus taxes and fees.

Please complete and submit this form to make a TENTATIVE Whale Watching & Wildlife Tour reservation. One of our crew members will contact you to confirm within 48 hours. Please note that reservations are not valid without confirmation.

If you are inquiring about a date that is only 1 – 2 days from now, please phone directly to the appointment desk at 800-450-6858 open Mon – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM in the winter & daily 8 AM – 8 PM in the summer Pacific Time.

Whale Watching Reservation Form
Credit Card Billing Address

We will confirm all reservations via e-mail or by phone within 48 hours.
Reservations are not valid without our confirmation.

For reservations within 48 hours please call us at 800-450-6858 or 360-378-1323.
No one see whales more often than San Juan Safaris – 95% or better. Our whale watching boat Sea Lion is 55 foot long, new and fast.

With only 40 or fewer guests aboard, there is plenty of room at the rails or in the windowed cabin for everyone. Departing from Friday Harbor, San Juan Island