Heading north through the San Juan Channel we spotted a number of harbor seals hauled out on the rocky shore of Jones Island State Park. We continued motoring north basking in the glorious rays of sunshine and admiring the beautiful scenery. Near Patos Island Captain Mike spotted at least 8 harbor porpoise foraging. The porpoise surfaced frequently and circled the boat providing excellent viewing opportunities. We just love spending time with these normally shy animals. We then came across a few Steller Sea Lions swimming off East Point. It seemed like every time you saw them a different body part was bobbing up at the surface: a head, flippers, backside, flippers, head. As we traveled south a mature bald eagle had strategically perched on a rocky outcrop in the Java Islands. Motoring along Spieden Island we captured glimpses of the exotic Sika Deer and Mouflon Sheep.

A lovely Sunday afternoon spent out here in the San Juan Islands.