It was a terrific day around the San Juan Islands in terms of weather and wildlife. As we left Friday Harbor heading south, the sun was shining and the water flat. Perfect for spotting the many harbor seals hauled out, covering every small rocky island exposed during high tide. We also passed Goose Island where cormorants were taking advantage of the sun as well, drying off their feathers.

Then we rounded cattle point and saw our first dorsal fin break the water just south of False Bay (48° 27.37’N 123° 02.83′ W). J pod was back! The whales were spread out along the west coast of San Juan Island, and were very active. We watched in awe as they lob tailed, spy hopped, rolled around, and breached! It was really incredible.

We then continued to circumnavigate around San Juan Island, enjoying the views and taking advantage of the weather. We slowed around Spieden Island, seeing more harbor seals, some oyster catchers, two bald eagles perched high in the tree tops, and a few sika deer in the tree cover. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

~Kristen, Naturalist, San Juan Safaris