The weather we had in the San Juan Islands today is what Washington residents live for during the dark winters. Crystal blue skies, a scattering of puffy white clouds, calm waters, no wind, and mild temperatures made for an excellent boat cruise. It also made our guests from Texas very happy. We left Friday Harbor and headed down the eastern side of San Juan Island past Griffin Bay. Several harbor seals were hauled out on an exposed rock, keeping warm in the sunshine. As it is almost pupping season, we are looking forward to some new additions! We also noticed three harbor porpoises swimming north. They were very active and you had to be quick with the camera. As we came out upon Salmon Bank (48°25.45 N, 122°58.54 W), we found some members of J-pod including Granny! L87, Onyx, was also in the crowd. M/V Sea Lion then turned east towards Iceberg Point. There were at least four more members of J-pod swimming through. Looking at photos of the dorsal fin and saddle patch, we believe we saw J32, Rhapsody, but we would need a view of her right side to confirm. Many sights of tail-slapping and splashing. Upon our return, we did view a bald eagle standing guard just west of Iceberg Point. Very regal that eagle! Overall, you could not ask for a better trip on the water!

SJS Naturalist Jenny