Today we hung out with 7 members of J-pod in Haro Strait between Henry and Stewart Island (48°38.88N 123°12.07W). What can I say, they had us at hello—from the minute we arrived they seemed excited, yet kind, greeting us with a spy hop and adult breach. It was almost as if they were welcoming us into their home and from that point on a connection evolved.

After a few minutes of riding alongside them, they merged into a single family unit, moving as one. The love, the passion, and the history amongst them seemed so real, and so strong, it was almost tangible. We were able to identify the presence of Blackberry (J27) and his sister Tsuchi (J31) along with Oreo (J22) and her son Doublestuff (J34).

But like any good neighbor, we weren’t looking to overstay our welcome so we just stopped in, said hi, and let them continue on–as I’m sure they had other errands to run.

Naturalist Tara, San Juan Safaris