Today was amazing! Before the boat even left the slip, we saw a curious little harbor seal poke his head out of the water to check us out. Then, we actually left Friday Harbor and headed north towards Spieden Island where we saw mouflon sheep at the southern point. Along the island there was a group of sika deer right by the water’s edge, and a couple of babies running along next to their mothers. At the end of Spieden there was a bald eagle perched at the top of the tallest tree. Our next stop was Mandarte Island to check out the gull and cormorant nests. Just as we passed, we spotted harbor porpoises on either side of the boat. Some were porpoising out of the water! Not something we usually see from them!

We got really lucky just as we reached Turn Point, a humpback whale was spotted north of East Point! It was decision time; continue our course, or extend our trip and go for it. We decided to go for it and headed further north. And was it worth it! The humpback whale blew magnificently in the distance. We watched as it surfaced a few times before flashing its fluke in a fluke up dive. After what seemed like not time, we had to turn back to San Juan Island.

Kristen, Naturalist, San Juan Safaris