The 4th of July proved to be a WHALE of a day!

Members of J- and L-pods were observed traveling north along the west side of San Juan Island near Lime Kiln Point State Park (48°30.3261N, 123°10.8999W). L87 “Onyx” was exhibiting foraging behavior, surfacing quickly and changing direction frequently. We also saw J28 “Polaris” traveling with a younger whale. While watching the Southern Resident Killer Whales a Humpback Whale surfaced near Small Pox Bay also traveling north. The Humpback Whale would take a few breaths of air before diving for several minutes. We last saw the Humpback Whale perform a fluke-up dive just south of Mitchell Bay (48°34.0625N, 123°11.0407W).

What a special day out in the Salish Sea!

Amy, Naturalist, San Juan Safaris Whale Watching and Wildlife Tours