I experienced something new and beautiful today. We had a service at sea during the first part of a charter trip this morning. Not much to say except that we were honored to be a part of it. After which we headed north, first slowing by Spieden Island looking for muflon sheep and deer, but seeing a few harbor seals resting on the rocky shore and a group of harbor porpoises surfacing in front of our boat!

We then went around the top of San Juan Island and saw our first killer whale just off Henry Island, traveling north west (48 35.480’N 123 12.887’W). There were two of them and they seemed to be proposing out of the water and traveling fast. We then noticed we could see dorsal fins off in every direction. We spotted two large males, one of which was L-92 “Crewser,” and also around was L-41 “Mega” and L-26 “Baba.” After watching them for some time, and cruising across the US border into Canadian waters, we took the scenic route back to Friday Harbor, going between Stuart and Johns Island and the eastern side of Spieden. Truly a beautiful day all around.

Second trip out today and more orcas! About 8 members of J-Pod, including J-26, J-27, and the J-16’s were tightly grouped and slowly moving north at 48.45.9N and 123.19.2W, just above Moat Point, Pender Island, BC. We were also treated to at least 6 sightings of Bald Eagles, adults and juveniles, flying low over the bow, perched in snags, on the rocks (with a Turkey Vulture) in various spots along Stuart Island.

Kristen, Tara, Shelly; Naturalists, San Juan Safaris