What a difference a day makes; we had blue skies and the glorious warm sun to greet us as we cruised out of Friday Harbor. First wildlife sighting was just north of Griffin Bay with several harbor seals getting a suntan. Next we viewed a bald eagle’s nest and admired the massive construction. It is incredible to think that they can be six feet in diameter. As we rounded Cattle Point, we were on the lookout for orcas! Sure enough we saw L87 “Onyx” foraging outside of False Bay (48°28.37N, 123°05.92W). Then, we observed two females, one that we could identify as J14 “Samish”. We believe her calf born in 2009, J45 “Se-Yi’-Chn” was traveling with her. Many long, deep dives in search of salmon! Grateful for calm waters and whales today!

SJS Naturalist Jenny