It was a calm and foggy day out on the water. The majestic M/V Sea Lion cruised out of the mist on an exploration for whales! We headed south through Cattle Pass towards Admiralty Inlet, and just beyond Smith Island (48°20’N, 122°58’W), we found two groups of transient orcas. We estimated about 10 orcas altogether. We were on a zig-zag pattern and it was though they were swimming on all sides towards the southwest. Two breached and put on a show! We also had a visit by a Minke whale, heading in the southwest direction. It was amazing to see both of these species in close proximity to each other. Upon our return, we enjoyed a view of a bald eagle on the southeastern shore of San Juan Island. A male California sea lion also swam by on a hunt for food. It was a spectacular day to observe our native wildlife!

Naturalist Jenny