A great day to be on the water; we had blue skies, wispy white clouds, and plenty of wildlife to observe. First we headed out to Spieden Channel and came upon a group of harbor seals hauled-out on an exposed rock. They were snoozing and enjoying the sunshine. We continued northwest towards Stuart Island and encountered “Onyx”, L-87, slowly traveling the same direction, just south of Turn Point (48°39.931N, 123°14.114W). As we continued into Boundary Pass, we encountered members of J-pod, including “Granny”, J-2. Four females were traveling close together as they hugged the south side of South Pender Island (48°42.999N, 123°14.294). After observing these fascinating mammals, we returned south and cut between Stuart Island and Johns Island. We were on alert for bald eagles and their massive nests. Many great photo opportunities today. As we returned to Friday Harbor, guests commented on how grateful they were to visit the San Juan Islands and see orcas swimming in the wild!

Jenny, Naturalist San Juan Safaris