We caught up with killer whales just as they were swimming across Turn Point, off Stuart Island, heading west. The whales were not just slowly traveling by; they were porpoising out of the water, moving fast! All together there were four of them. Two were right next to each other, their bodies flying out of the water in full synchronization.

Four more killer whales followed shortly after. There were two large males in this small group. We could see their massive dorsal fins at least four hundred yards in the distance before they too made it to Turn Point and went on by. Finally, we came across two other female orcas. Their bodies also were coming out of the water, providing the perfect opportunity for a young guest to snap a fantastic photo!

The trip back to Friday Harbor was also exciting. We saw three bald eagles, a few mouflon sheep on Spieden island, and harbor seals enjoying the same bright sunny day we were.

~Kristen, Naturalist, San Juan Safaris