Harbor seals were taking advantage of the low tide today and were seen hauled out at a number of locations in the San Juan Islands. We counted 97 Harbor Seals at just one haul-out site along the west side of Waldron Island!

One mile northwest of Patos Island Lighthouse we were surrounded by Harbor Porpoise. These normally shy and elusive animals were busy foraging in this highly productive area. Their behavior of surfacing frequently and changing directions provided excellent viewing opportunities in all directions. As Captain Mike stated, it was a “Harbor Porpoise Excitement Extravaganza!”

Stellar Sea Lions were hauled out on the rocky shores of East Point. While the majority of the sea lions were relaxing, a few were clearly having a verbal disagreement. Did you know male Stellar Sea Lions can reach 10ft in length and weigh over 2,000lbs!

Not only did we see marine mammals but we had great views of at least 4 different mature bald eagles perched in the trees or rocky outcrops, 3 feral goats on the cliffs of Saturna Island, and Sika Deer and Mouflon Sheep grazing on the southside of Spieden Island.

For those birders out there, we saw a number of the deep-diving seabird species including the Rhinoceros Auklets, Pigeon Guillemots, and Common Murres!

What a fun day out on the water and we even managed to stay dry! Rain! What Rain!?

Amy, Naturalist, San Juan Safaris Whale Watching and Wildlife Tours