For today’s trip we headed south through the San Juan Channel in between Lopez and San Juan Island. Across from Cattle Point we reached our first hot spot for wildlife viewing. Here we found Harbor Seals one side of a small rocky island and Steller Sea Lions on the other. The Steller’s were fairly large and very photogenic today! We then moved on just around the south side of San Juan Island into more open water.


We didn’t have to go very far, about 500 yards, and we saw two Minke Whales! The water couldn’t have been better for viewing today! The Minkes broke through what appeared to be glass. They were so smooth in their actions and so flawless. Fortunately, we were able to cut the motor and stay with the Minkes for a while, it appeared they were enjoying their situation and had no intentions on leaving. Once everyone got a good view we headed back motoring around small islands between San Juan and Lopez. On our way home we saw a few Bald Eagles, more Harbor Seals, a Canada Goose, and even a pack of about ten Harbor Porpoises.

It sure was another amazing day out on the water.

Naturalist, Tara, San Juan Safaris