Lead Naturalist/ Manager of Science Education and Outreach

Laura is originally from upstate NY and graduated from The University of Vermont with a B.S in Animal Sciences and a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine.  Starting her whale-watching career in 2007, Laura has studied humpback whale behavior in the Gulf of Maine off of Massachusetts and has been hooked ever since.  Previously she was a clinical volunteer with a sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation department, working with Loggerhead, Green, and the critically endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles.  She also has a lot of experience with marine mammal stranding response and necropsies, which is very exciting and rewarding work!  Surrounding herself with orcas on the West Coast has been a life-long dream and Laura is so excited to share her knowledge about this outstanding ecosystem. When Laura is not reading about whales or studying newly published journal articles, she enjoys hiking and appreciating nature.  She is owned by a sassy feline of the utmost intelligence named Mya, and in her free time enjoys playing the violin or listening to local musicians!