We saw at least 5 members of J and L Pod along the southern end of San Juan Island offshore of False Bay (48°27.7265N, 123°05.3859W). J26 “Mike” was frolicking with whales from L pod including L72 “Racer” a 26 year old female. L72 was also traveling with her son L105 “Fluke” who was born in 2004.

The whales were initially traveling in close proximity with each other before they began surfacing quickly and changing direction, usually a behavior associated with foraging. However, the whales then appeared to be circling over the top of each other and rolling about at the surface, providing excellent views. J26 seemed to be feeling particularly amorous towards the females. The whales then began to disperse traveling towards San Juan Island where they met up with several whales.

A spectacular day in the San Juan Islands!

Amy, Naturalist, San Juan Safaris Whale Watching and Wildlife Tours