Lauren Fritz, Whale Watch Naturalist, M/V Sea Lion, 6/14/17, 1:30 and 5:30 Tour

The Transients have really been stealing the show around here! These marine-mammal eating cetaceans have been seen all the way down in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and all the way up by Vancouver. It’s no wonder – we have plenty of food for them here, and they’re probably capitalizing on that! Harbor porpoises and harbor seals abound. As whale watchers, we have some amazing opportunities to watch these animals as they’re hunting, resting, traveling, or socializing. These animals really know how to put on a show – check out these photos from M/V Sea Lion’s two tours today.

The T65A’s were the whales we spent time with today. Mom is a 31-year-old with four kiddos, a big sprouting male who is just in his teens, a younger male, and two younger little guys whose gender is unknown as of yet. Time will tell! But today these animals were out hunting and socializing. We had some incredible encounters! Breaches, tails slaps, pec slaps, spy hops…some of the most amazing whale watching I’ve ever had. It was an absolute dream day. I certainly can’t say that every day is like this, but what a treat when it is!

Orcas are incredibly beautiful creatures, and their intelligence becomes apparent when you have the chance to watch them for a few minutes or for an hour. Sometimes I wish I could become an orca myself and jump in just to swim around and play with them!

At the close of a day like today, I can’t help but sit and smile and wonder over the marvels of killer whales and this beautiful marine ecosystem they call home. Still, they need our help and so does the Salish Sea. Conservation is no joke around here, and the health of these whales is incredibly important. Join us on a tour and see what we stand for around here!

Lauren Fritz, Whale Watch Naturalist, San Juan Safaris