Today we headed out into the Georgia Strait where we had originally heard of a sighting of 3 transient orcas. Unfortunately as we got closer to the area, we were informed that the group had suddenly switched direction and were headed northwest at a high speed. There was no way our boat or any others from Friday Harbor could catch up with them so we aborted.

We then got news of some Dall’s Porpoise in Active Pass and were fortunate enough to catch up with them. It was a group of about 7-10 and man were they fun! Usually Dall’s will get bored easily with boats, but this group swerved in and out through the water, porpoising out of the water, and playing with the bow for a good 15 minutes. We then made our way back through the Canadian Gulf Islands and home for a total round trip of 70 miles!


Naturalist Tara, San Juan Safaris