Today we shuffled around Spieden, Stewart and some of the inner islands. As we boarded the boat we prepared for a wet day, but it actually turned out to be very nice. On the south side of Spieden we saw at least 30 or so Mouflon Sheep and got to see the very first Mink of the season, scurrying along the shoreline. We then made our way around Stewart, through John’s Pass, and through the Cactus Islands seeing numerous Harbors Seals hauled out on small rocky islets and a lone Bald Eagle guarding its nest.

This trip was unique among others because we were able to really dig into the history of some of the smaller, inner islands which can often be overlooked. We even got the chance to make our way between Shaw and Orcas Island, to check out the cool summer homes, each passenger claiming one as their own.

It was a very fun, secret-revealing, yet relaxing, day on the water!

Naturalist Tara, San Juan Safaris