Today we followed a similar route to yesterday’s trip. We headed north out of the San Juan Channel, past the west side of Waldron and out to Patos Island. About a half mile west of Patos we saw around 20 to 30 Harbor Porpoises milling in the rip tides. This appeared to be a great foraging area and it was very cool too see so many Harbor Porpoises together in one place. As we reached East Point we saw a similar set-up to yesterday with about 100 Harbor Seals hauled out on the left side of the rock and about 20 or so Steller Sea Lions on the right side. It was as if they didn’t even move.


We then made our way back through Boundary Pass along Saturna Island where we caught a few Bald Eagles and numerous Harbor Seals hauled out on the Java Islets. As we made our way further into American waters we stopped by both Turn Point and Spieden Island for a couple more wildlife opportunities. At Turn Point we saw another Bald Eagle and along Spieden Island we saw about 15 Sika Deer and 2 lone Mouflon Sheep. It was a great day for wildlife!


Naturalist Tara, San Juan Safaris