Today was another great day amongst our Southern Residents! We found members of J and K pods spread out in the strait, in groups of 3 or less, between Salmon Bank and False Bay (Haro Strait 48°27.07N, 123°04.02W). Some were foraging, some were resting, while others just appeared to be milling around in the calm seas.

After riding alongside one group, we would switch off to another, paying each small group a visit. We even saw a few adult breaches, which ironically occurred just after the rarity of such behavior was explained, giving everyone a little chuckle! Once everyone got some good looks and great shots, we huddled around an orca survey and successfully identified Shachi (J19), Racer (L72), and Onyx (L87). Case closed.

On our way back we were fortunate enough to witness a Minke Whale on the hunt, just south of Salmon Bank. The large whale took multiple lunges at a bait ball causing birds to go flying and guests to break out in laughter.

Couldn’t ask for much more than these amazing views, fun investigations, and shared moments of laughter!

Naturalist Tara and Shelly, San Juan Safaris