Motoring out of the harbor a large, male California Sea Lion was conveniently hauled out on the channel buoy providing a great photo opportunity. We then traveled north through the San Juan Channel where we found our first harbor seals of the day on the rocky shores of Jones Island State Park. On Flattop Island a beautiful, mature bald eagle perched on the National Wildlife Refuge sign. As we continued north we had another chance to view harbor seals resting on White Rock. We then entered Boundary Pass and saw one Harbor Porpoise. The Harbor Porpoise was shy and elusive, only surfacing a few times before heading south. When we reached East Point on Saturna Island we observed a number of large, male Stellar Sea Lions basking in the sunshine and yet another group of harbor seals. Cruising south along the eastside of Saturna Island we stopped at the Java Islands to catch a glimpse of a mature bald eagle resting on the rock shores and more harbor seals! We continued motoring south through John’s Pass and circled around to the south side of Spieden Island. The Sika Deer and Mouflon Sheep did not disappoint. A group of about 10 sheep had moved down along the water’s edge including a few wee babes!

Amy, Naturalist, San Juan Safaris