Yup, just WOW.

Today was one of those “monumental” kind of days. Both boats, the Sea Lion and the Kittiwake, got THE MOST amazing views of our Southern Resident Orcas on the west side of San Juan Island between Lime Kiln and Hannah Heights (48°28.36N, 123°05.02W).

The first whale we spotted was Blackberry (J27). He was initially foraging, but after a few moments he grew extremely friendly and curious of the Kittiwake. He swam parallel to the boat stunning our guests with his size and his allure. It was an experience that only could be lived in; everyone was frozen in the moment, not a single movement made, not a single breath taken. He then left us off our stern headed north.

Once everyone was able to catch a breath, our flat lines turned into a couple of racing hearts, and our excitement grew from what we had just experienced. We were ready for more!!

The next whales we found were Polaris (J28) and her calf J46. J46 was having the time of her life with mama; breaching, lobtailing, swimming on her side, and even rolling around on top of mama. It was the most adorable thing to see! Within moments of watching them, Naturalist Tara began calling off whales in all directions. Captain Jim eventually referred to her as the “Whale Whisperer” because everywhere she pointed another whale would emerge. Two of them we were able to identify as Granny (J2) and Onyx (L87).

No better way to describe today than just, WOW!

Naturalist Tara, San Juan Safaris